Sugar Hill Farm, Pennsylvania | 100% Grass Fed Organic Beef and Special Events

100% Grass Fed Organic Beef and Special Events in Pennsylvania

Welcome to Sugar Hill Farm, located in the humble mountains of North Central Pennsylvania, just minutes from the town center of St. Mary's

We raise organic grass fed beef and free range chicken through sustainable agriculture practices.

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BEEF> Why Grass Fed Beef?

Sugar Hill Farm raises 100% grass fed organic beef.  We are a USDA certified organic farm.  We use no chemical fertilizers or pesticides on the farm.  To us, organic is the only way to go. 

In addition, we have chosen to raise our cattle on grass and legumes like clover and alfalfa – no grain.  There are several reasons to go grass fed.  Cattle evolved on grass.  They are suited to grass.  When they are fattened on grain, their chemical make up changes and they become susceptible to disease and, therefore, need antibiotics.  Our grass fed organic cattle receive no antibiotics. 

100% grass fed beef is lower in total fat and calories than grain fed beef. It is richer in antioxidants including vitamin E, vitamin C, and beta-carotene. Grass fed beef is high in health beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids. Read more on The differences between grain fed and grass fed beef are thoroughly explained, with references to studies supporting the facts about nutrition. 

When properly grazed, pastures remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere more efficiently than many other land uses. Grasses store vast amounts of carbon in their root systems. With grass based beef production, manure is spread evenly over the ground and effectively absorbed and broken down into natural fertilizer. Grass fed cattle produce up to 20% less methane gas than grain fed cattle. Read more about the environmental advantages of grass fed cattle on