Sugar Hill Farm, Pennsylvania | 100% Grass Fed Organic Beef and Special Events

100% Grass Fed Organic Beef and Special Events in Pennsylvania

Welcome to Sugar Hill Farm, located in the humble mountains of North Central Pennsylvania, just minutes from the town center of St. Mary's

We raise organic grass fed beef and free range chicken through sustainable agriculture practices.

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Spring 2015

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We are in the midst of calving season and have 22 so far with 6 more expected. The dominant color is red, but there are six different color possibilities in the Highland breed, and this year we’ve had calves of 4 different colors as can be seen below—red on the left, black, white and red in the middle, and yellow on the right.  

We’ve been raising Highlands for 10 years and have had several black brood cows but this is our first black calf. Unlike human eye color, the genetics for Highland calf color are very complex and can’t be determined by the color of the dam and sire. 

Our bull is yellow and we don’t have any black or white brood cows at the moment so the black and white calves were a surprise. 

We will be picking up meat from the butcher this Friday. We will be at the Hershey Farmers Market the third Thursday of each month and our meat is sold at Babe’s Grill House in Palmyra and the new Millworks in Harrisburg. 

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