Sugar Hill Farm, Pennsylvania | 100% Grass Fed Organic Beef and Special Events

100% Grass Fed Organic Beef and Special Events in Pennsylvania

Welcome to Sugar Hill Farm, located in the humble mountains of North Central Pennsylvania, just minutes from the town center of St. Mary's

We raise organic grass fed beef and free range chicken through sustainable agriculture practices.

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Winter 2015

January and February have turned out to be just as snowy and perhaps colder than 2014.  For weather buffs, you know that February will most likely prove to be the coldest February on record, at least for Pennsylvania and other northern states.  (Weather records have only been kept for a century or so but still...that’s long enough to know it’s been cold!)  The farm has about two feet of snow on the ground, with lots of ice under the snow and drifts of 4-5 feet.  The cows are fine.  But getting to the haylage bales through the snow is a challenge.  The snow shown in the pictures has been driven over by the tractor and trampled by the cows.  So they’re able to get around fairly well.  But they are sticking to those areas where the tractor has broken through the crust.  Otherwise it’s up to their bellies. 

 We’ve scheduled and cancelled butchering three times.  All of our handling equipment—the gates and pens and cattle chute needed to get them moved and loaded into the truck—are frozen solid in two feet of snow and ice.  So for the first time since we’ve started the beef business, we’re pretty much sold out of meat and we can’t do anything about it until we get some major thawing.  The northern hemisphere is getting closer to the sun so it has to happen!  Until then, we apologize to our loyal customers and hope to be supplying you with our delicious and healthy products again as soon as the weather cooperates!

Winter 2015 1


Winter 2015 2