Sugar Hill Farm, Pennsylvania | 100% Grass Fed Organic Beef and Special Events

100% Grass Fed Organic Beef and Special Events in Pennsylvania

Welcome to Sugar Hill Farm, located in the humble mountains of North Central Pennsylvania, just minutes from the town center of St. Mary's

We raise organic grass fed beef and free range chicken through sustainable agriculture practices.

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Late Fall 2015

As mentioned last newsletter, the dry spell slowed the grass and the rain finally came but later than we’d hoped. We were hoping to graze until December but started feeding some haylage in November. The dry spell lasted a bit too long. October 17 and 18 brought snow. There were still a lot of leaves on trees but fortunately the snow wasn’t heavy enough to bring down trees and branches. It was beautiful but if that’s all we get this winter that would be just fine! The grass is still growing even though there have been some hard frosts. The cattle are eating every blade of new grass and leaf of clover that comes up! Soon that growth will stop and they’ll be left with the older plants still in the fields and primarily haylage.

We just sent cows to butcher and are sending another group on November 24th. We won’t be butchering in the winter at all. Everything freezes up and we can’t move our gates and handling equipment. There should be plenty of meat available through the winter so don’t hesitate to order what you need.

Oblivious Cattle

The cattle don’t even notice the snow.

Not cold enough yet to turn the faucets off

It’s not cold enough yet to turn off the faucets for the water tanks but it will be very soon!

Hilltop View

A view of the farm from the top of the hill. A mixture of snow and fall foliage makes for interesting and beautiful contrast.

Organic fertilizer

One final field chore before the winter—we spread organic fertilizer on the fields where we cut hay and don’t graze cows.

100% Grass Fed
Never fed grain!