Sugar Hill Farm, Pennsylvania | 100% Grass Fed Organic Beef and Special Events

100% Grass Fed Organic Beef and Special Events in Pennsylvania

Welcome to Sugar Hill Farm, located in the humble mountains of North Central Pennsylvania, just minutes from the town center of St. Mary's

We raise organic grass fed beef and free range chicken through sustainable agriculture practices.  Our farm is also a wonderful location for your wedding, reunion or special event

Thank you for your visiting us. Please choose an option below to learn more about the farm and the products and services we provide.

The Meat > Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Does grass fed beef taste different?
       Most people notice a little more flavor in grass fed beef, but it is not a drastic taste difference. Read this story from Whole Foods Market on how best to prepare Grass Fed Beef and also some great recipe ideas.

  • Is grass fed beef more nutritious?
       Grass fed beef is more nutritious because it is naturally lean and high in anti-oxidants including vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene, and health beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. Grass fed beef does not require the use of antibiotics. Read more about the health benefits of Grass Fed Beef at

  • Is grass fed beef more lean?
       Grass fed beef is leaner than grain fed beef. Finishing cattle on grain results in the marbling of fat throughout the beef. Grass fed beef has less visible fat marbling.

  • Is grass fed beef tough?
       Good grass results in good beef that should not be tough. Since the beef is leaner, it’s a little easier to overcook the beef, i.e., it’s less forgiving if you forget that it’s on the grill. But if you cook it properly it is every bit as tender as grain fed beef.

  • What is the difference between natural and organic?
       Natural beef may not be organic. If you want chemical free beef, you have to buy it from a USDA Certified Organic producer. We are a USDA Certfied Organic producer.

  • Are your animals humanely treated?
       Our animals receive the best possible care in a peaceful, lush environment where they have plenty to eat, enough room to move around as much as they’d like, and plenty of shelter from the elements. Our least favorite part of our business is when we have to slaughter, but this is done as quickly and humanely as possible when the animals are calm and peaceful.

  • Are your animals susceptible to BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) or mad cow disease and other bovine diseases?
       We have a closed herd, which means that since the first year of starting the herd, we have not brought in outside animals to breed with our cows. We have multiple bulls on the farm and we practice careful animal husbandry to ensure clean blood lines. BSE has been traced to feed that contains diseased animal by products. Since we don’t use any purchased feed or grain, it is virtually impossible for our cows to be infected with mad cow disease.

  • Do you ship?
       Shipping is very expensive because of the need for Styrofoam containers, dry ice, and UPS overnight shipping. Even a small box of meat will run in excess of $50 for shipping and handling. Therefore, we do not ship.

  • How much do I have to order?
       From the denominations we provide, you can order any quantity of meat products. Contact us for availability.

  • Can I buy by the quarter or half?
       There were butcher shops everywhere and customers could go in and buy a quarter or half, take it home, cut it up and wrap it themselves, thereby saving money. This is no longer done. We do not offer "quarters" or "halves."